CF viewport vacuum component

We offer a comprehensive range of CF, KF, ISO vacuum fittings, flanges and accessories for all your vacuum requirements.

The range of vacuum fittings is designed around specific requirements for each industry.

The KF and ISO ranges are primarily designed around the quick connect and disconnect requirements of the rough and HV industries.

CF is very much orientated towards the UHV and XHV requirements of surface and analytical industries.

CF viewport vacuum component
Vacuum components

Choice of materials include stainless steel (304/316L), copper and aluminium. Particular attention is paid to the correct material grades to offer a great balance of cost vs performance, depending on the technical requirements.

Our web-shop offers an extensive range of adapters, flanged components and seals to satisfy your requirements.

“A connection for a pump failed and I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and speed of the service Scanwel provided in getting a replacement to us”.

Phillip Moriarty, School of Physics and Astronomy, Nottingham University

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