Vacuum feedthrough

Vacuum Feedthroughs and accessories

Scanwel offers a full range of standard catalogued electrical feedthroughs as well as custom solutions that range from small modifications of these parts to fully custom designs built from the ground up. We can accommodate a wide range of operating conditions and product requirements including: temperatures from -269ºC to 450ºC, voltages exceeding 125 KV, currents up to 1000 amps, nonmagnetic materials, ultra-high vacuum environments, and high pressures.

We utilise the most advanced manufacturing techniques to produce high reliability assemblies. These include metallising and plating of ceramics, active metal joining, vacuum and hydrogen brazing, glass ceramic sealing, and welding.

Vacuum feedthrough

Product range

Electrical feedthroughs including:
• Single and multi pin
• Computer standards such as D-type, USB
• Coaxial
• Thermocouple
• Connectors
• RF
Optical feedthroughs
Gas, liquid and cryogen feedthroughs

“From the early stages, it was clear Scanwel had significant and world-leading expertise in vacuum system design and guided us at every step”.

Dr. Jeff Kettle, Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow

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