VAB 500mm manual linear drive

Scanwel offers an extensive range of sample handling products focused on rotary, linear and XYZ motion, manipulation, sample transfer and directional adjustment. We have a deep understanding within the company as to how these components interact with each other, with other components and with the system as a whole. This understanding enables us to recommend the best solutions from our wide portfolio for both new and existing systems.

Our manipulation solutions offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of travel ranges, mounting and the option of manual or motorised operation. For motorised solutions we can offer just the motors or a full control system with LabVIEW-compatible software or joystick control.

The vast majority of products are fully UHV compatible, except where a lower cost solution is required for high vacuum applications. If the solution you require is not in our catalogue, we are able to discuss custom variations on our products.

VAB 500mm manual linear drive
Vacuum manual rotary drive

Product Range

• UHV rotary feedthroughs
• Fast access doors
• Wobble sticks for UHV
• UHV linear transfer tools
• XYZ manipulators for UHV
• Helium cryostats and sample holder assemblies
• X and XY tables
• Stepper motor control systems
• XY tilt stages
•Viewport shutters
•Port aligners
•KF rotary feedthroughs

VAB Fast access door

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VAB He Cryostat

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VAB Linear Feedthrough

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VAB Port Aligner

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VAB Rotary Feedthrough

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VAB Transfer Rod

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VAB Viewport shutter.

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VAB Wobble Stick

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VAB X and XY Table

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VAB XYZ Manipulator

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