bi-metallic vacuum fittings

Bimetallic Vacuum Fittings

Used in prominent high (HV), ultrahigh (UHV) and extreme high vacuum (XHV) applications around the world, they find extensive use with semiconductor fabrication OEMs where superior heat conduction, chemical resistance, manufacturing ease, and the lower cost of aluminium vacuum systems translate into measurable productivity and cost-of-ownership advantages.

bi-metallic vacuum fittings

The benefits

• Low magnetic properties
• Outgassing rates in 10E-14 range
• Bakeable to 250 deg C

• CF bimetallic range in Al/SS
• CF bimetallic range in Al/Ti
• Face seal ATCR bimetallic range Al/SS (VCR compatible)
• Wire seal bimetallic flanges in Al/SS

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