Aluminium vacuum chambers

Aluminium vacuum chambers

We can manufacture and supply bespoke aluminium vacuum chambers with excellent High Vacuum (HV) or Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) properties. Aluminium has 10,000,000x (7 orders of magnitude) less hydrogen permeation than stainless steel. Consequently, aluminium chambers have far less H2, H2O, and hydrocarbon vapour at HV and UHV levels. Aluminium has less carbon contamination than stainless steel, and this reduces the amount of carbon-based gas contamination in vacuum.

The UHV aluminium chambers are manufactured with a thin, dense aluminium oxide coating. This serves as a resistive barrier, reducing diffusion and desorption of HV and UHV contaminants (hydrogen, oxygen & carbon). Once baked, Aluminium vacuum chambers generally cycle to HV and UHV levels faster than stainless steel chambers and require less pumping.

Aluminium vacuum chambers

The benefits

• 7 orders of magnitude less H2 than stainless for ultra pure vacuum
• Less carbon for reduced contamination
• 10x the thermal conductivity and 21x the thermal diffusivity for fast, complete bakeouts and unmatched thermal performance
• Outgassing rates of less than 1 x 10-13 Torr L/s. cm2 (suitable for extreme high vacuum)
• High resistance to a variety of chemicals
• The option to be anodised for electrical or chemical resistance
• Low Z (low nuclear activation) for less residual radiation
• Non-magnetic properties for applications that require it
• High vibration dampening for increased absorption
• 1/3rd the weight for superior manageability
• Lower material and operations cost for an improved bottom line
• Machinability up to 10x faster than stainless steel for lower manufacturing costs

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