Spectroscopy xps systems

A full range of requirements for X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Systems

As partners of SPECS, Scanwel supply a product range to address the full range of potential requirements for X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Systems and components. Since XPS is a well-established technique that has existed for several decades, many customers have existing systems they wish to refurbish with up to date electron analysers and X-ray sources. Conversely these components can also be combined into a turn key systems according to the SPECS modular system concept “Flex Mod”. The Flex Mod systems are configured from a range of standardised system building blocks such as spectroscopy, preparation and sample entry modules. Of course this does not mean that completely bespoke systems cannot be catered for as well. For customers requiring less customisation we also offer some pre-configured turn-key systems for specific applications on the ProvenX platform. Please enquire aboutWe welcome enquiries for your ideal configuration based on the following components and building blocks:

Spectroscopy xps systems

We welcome enquiries for your ideal configuration based on the following components and building blocks:

• Monochromated X-Ray sources in a variety of spot sizes from mm to spot size to 10 microns and with anode materials including aluminium, silver and chromium to provide different X-Ray energies.

• Dual anode X-Ray sources without monochromator with anode materials including aluminium, magnesium chromium and zirconium.

• Hemispherical electron analysers in a variety of radii and with a variety of 1D, 2D and spin detectors based on technologies such as delayline, CCD and CMOS as well as the older channeltron detectors. The larger radii offer increased throughput as the primary benefit, but depending on model also increased energy range and improved energy resolution

• Sample handling systems for a variety of sample sizes, with or without heating and cooling capability

• Standard and cluster ion sources for depth profiling applications

• System modules for analysis, preparation and sample loading

Scanwel support St Andrews to replace an elderly XPS-system

The new source consumes a fraction of the power and has an excellent energy resolution. While we would never expect it to have the same count rate as the high-power rotating anode source, it is proving to be considerably easier to use and maintain and is much more reliable. It has already been used to provide high resolution data for several research programs and has been invaluable for the work of Prof. Manfred Buck, who is investigating self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of complex organic molecules on gold-mica substrates in the field of nano technology.

Dr Steve Francis, St Andrews Chemistry Department

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