A superior approach to transport measurements

Quantum transport focuses on the behaviours and properties of nanostructures which do not depend on the composition of the structures and which cannot be explained by laws of classical physics. What is unusual is the fact that those features do not necessarily depend on the size of the nanostructures. In order to make the high-speed DC transport measurements to understand these properties, scientists historically use an array of very precise and stable DC voltage sources, lock-in amplifiers, multimeters, oscilloscopes and other instruments coupled to A/D and D/A converters to enable computer control.

Our partners at SPECS realised that these are exactly the same components as were already present in their market leading Nanonis SPM control system. In order to adapt the system for quantum transport measurements, some considerable time was invested in developing a dedicated software package and increasing the number of inputs and outputs available. The result was a new product known as the Nanonis Tramea

The advantages

• Up to 1000x faster than conventional measurement solutions
• Fully integrated digital system: Avoid complex wiring
• All-in-one solution with user-friendly signal handling
• Advanced data oversampling methods
• Integrated safety measures: Avoid damaged samples

Performance Highlights:

• Lower output noise than most dedicated DC sources
• Up to 48 outputs
• High-resolution DA conversion: true-20-bit analog outputs, 22-bit with hrDAC
• High-resolution AD-conversion: Up to 22-bit
• 120 dB dynamic range
• Lock-ins with over 100 dB dynamic reserve
• Temperature stabilized for lowest drift

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