Electron Sources for electron microscopy

Key suppliers of Electron Guns

With our partners Kimball Physics and SPECS, we represent two of the key suppliers of electron guns designed for use in a wide variety of applications including:

- ultra high vacuum (UHV) surface physics
- space physics
- processing applications
- X-ray production
- welding
- charge neutralization
- Auger Electron Spectroscopy
- electron beam scrubbing
- space simulation
- radiation damage studies

Electron Sources for electron microscopy
Electron microscopy

Range of Operation

• Energy Ranges: 1 eV to 100 keV
• Beam Current Ranges: 1 nA to 20 mA
• Spot Size Ranges: 15 μm (focused column) to 500+ mm (flood beams)

Options include:

• Fast pulsing / Beam blanking
• Deflection / Rastering
• Gun-mounted Faraday cups

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