UPS system components

A full range of sources for UPS

As well as complete ARPES systems, with our partners SPECS, we offer a full range of sources for Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) for customers wanting to add this capability to an existing photoelectron spectroscopy systems. This is achieved by adding a source of ultraviolet light to the system which is based on a gas discharge usually composed of helium gas.

UPS system components
UPS components

Available Components:

• The UVS 10/35 is a simple and easy to use UV light source for UPS and simple ARPES. The source is air -cooled so a laboratory water supply or chiller is not needed.

• The UVS 300 is a unique duoplasmatron type discharge VUV light source. The discharge spot is confined to a small area, which makes this source the only available point source on the market. Versions are available with spot size from 0.5mm to 75 micron.

• The UVLS is a microwave plasma-based UV light source. It is based on a filamentless design and is therefore not subject to the filament ageing of electron impact plasma UV sources.

• The TMM 304 is a toroidal mirror monochromator for laboratory UV sources, compatible with SPECS UVS 300 and UVLS sources. It can be equipped with two cassettes which are optimized for specific wavelength. Switching the cassettes can be performed without breaking the vacuum. The light is guided towards the sample by a focusing ETC capillary resulting in small spot sizes and high photon densities.

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