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New positions at Palatine

In line with its commitment to business growth, Palatine Precision Ltd, part of the Scanwel Group, has recently invested in four new team members at its Rochester-based factory in Kent. The company has been delivering expert bellows solutions for over 50 years, and it manufactures and distributes an array of components and systems, serving a wide range of markets and applications, including Vacuum, Scientific, Research, Aerospace and Nuclear.

In addition to investment in machinery, the business is strengthening the existing capabilities within the team. Palatine is pleased to welcome a new press setter, machinist, coded welder and assembly worker to the growing team.

Working safely

Suryaman Gurung has joined as a new trainee press setter, working with one of the company’s most experienced press setters, he is being trained in the intricacies of the different size press tools and the accompanying safe working practices.

The company’s new machinist and CNC miller, Tom Keane, has also joined the team, bringing with him a vast amount of knowledge, and a wealth of experience across many sectors, including aerospace and formula one. Tom’s previous experience positions him well for the specialised work at Palatine, and he is receiving additional training on the lathe and new machinery, providing the business with the additional resource to meet the increased levels of orders coming through.

Transferable skills

To ensure an ongoing consistent level of product quality, Palatine has also taken on a new coded welder. Chris Carvell joins the business with a background in welding air filtration housings for nuclear power plants. Bellows welding requires a very different approach, however, Chris has embraced and excelled in the challenges of a new sector.

Finally, the business also welcomes a new assembly welder, Susan Hurn.  Although new to welding, Susan has previous experience in assembly line work, and she has quickly settled into the work in the bellows welding shop.

Commented Gary Williams, Manufacturing Manager at Palatine: “We are delighted to welcome our new team members to Palatine. Each one brings with them different knowledge and experience and they are working closely with our talented and highly skilled team to ensure that they meet our high standards and learn the Palatine way.”

Palatine is always on the lookout for talented people to join its team. If you are interested in a career with Palatine, please forward your CV to Gary Wlliams, Manufacturing Manager, gary.williams@palatineprecision.com.


Susan Hurn                                                                   Tom Keane

Top picture: Chris Carvell

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