SPECS Nanonis Control Systems

While the piezo scanners that enable the motion of the SPM probe, and the mechanical hardware in which they sit may have developed significantly in the years since the technique was invented, it is clear that the developments on the control side and the computer systems that drive the SPM have been enormous by contrast. This is driven by the evolution of computer and control systems over the years, often leading researchers to have a useable UHV SPM system with obsolete electronics.

There is a significant market for retrofittable SPM controllers for such systems. To address this Scanwel offers the SPECS Nanonis Mimea control system as a cutting-edge solution. The system is adaptable to most commercial SPM systems with plug and play adaptation kits.

The system is equally suitable in situations where a customer self-builds his own microscope, and can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy to SNOM, non-contact AFM, and special setups for more complex measurements

SPECS Nanonis Mimea key benefits

• Fully asynchronous multitasking interface
• State of the art hardware performance
• Simple integration with almost any SPM
• Interactive scan control with easy navigation
• High-speed and multipass scanning, high-speed spectroscopy
• Highly configurable Z-controller with SafeTip™
• Oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer (FFT), data loggers, charts and graphs
• Advanced spectroscopy at user-defined point, line, cloud, grid or combined scan-grid

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