Low Energy Electron Microscopy

While SEM and TEM are well established techniques, the high energy of the electron beams that are utilised means that they are not sensitive to the surface. By comparison Low Energy Electron Microscopy (LEEM) is a truly surface-sensitive electron microscopy technique with a lateral resolution in the nanometre range. A variety of excitation processes gives access to the structural, chemical, electronic, and magnetic properties of the surface.

LEEM systems from our partner, SPECS, offer a spatial resolution of up to 1-2nm when equipped with aberration-correction. With the energy filter option, spectro-microscopy is also possible with an energy resolution of 250meV, leading to an unrivalled instrument for nanostructure characterisation. A special version of the LEEM is also available for Near Ambient Pressure (NAP) experiments.

As well as electron illumination with a cold cathode electron source, the system can also be fitted with a UV lamp for laterally-resolved UPS studies. Localised diffraction measurements from small areas of the surface are also possible.

Cathodes and Emitters

Via our partners, Kimball Physics, we are able to provide emitters as a reliable source of electrons or ions for use in a variety of instruments including microscopy, lithography, x-ray generation, free electron lasers, electron accelerators, and other custom applications. Other applications include Kimball Physics electron guns and ion guns.Cathode-Emitters

• Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) high brightness single-crystal
•Tantalum (Ta) disc
•Barium Oxide (BaO) coated disc
•Yttria (Y2O3) coated iridium disc

Base Types

• High tolerance ceramic with kovar or molybdenum pins
•Standard ceramic AEI base
•Compact Kimball Physics CB-104 base
•Compact Kimball Physics CB-104 base

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