Mini e beam evaporation systems

Electron Beam Evaporator

Scanwel offers the SPECS EBE-series mini e-beam evaporators and the CreaTec EBE-AX Electron Beam Evaporator.

SPECS EBE-4 is a combined multi pocket Mini e-beam evaporator capable of evaporating small quantities of almost any material. The material, either from crucible or rod form, is heated by electron bombardment from a surrounding filament, thereby allowing temperatures in excess of 3000K to be reached.

The CreaTec EBE-AX is a single pocket electron beam evaporator designed for use in MBE systems. This deposition technique is typically operated in a vacuum range from 1x10-11 to 1x10-5 mbar and allows an efficient material utilization relative to other methods, which yields a high deposition rate from 0.1 µm x min-1 to 100µm x min-1 at low substrate temperatures.

Mini e beam evaporation systems

The benefits


• Four Individual Pockets
• Internal Water Cooling
• Extremely High Power Densities
• Controllable at the monolayer and sub monolayer level
• Temperatures Exceeding 3000 K

CreaTec EBE-AX

• Temperature range up to 2700 Degrees
• Direct e-beam bombardment
• Bake-Out Temperature 200 Degrees
• Up to 5cc capacity

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