Molecular Beam Epitaxy technology

Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) is a key technology due to the unique structures and exact dimensional control that can be achieved.

Scanwel offers a full range of MBE systems for the preparation of epitaxial films (semiconductors, metals, dielectrics, organics, etc) and wafers for scientific applications.

As standard, the product range is UHV-compatible with base pressures in the growth chamber better than 5 x 10-11 mbar. Sample heating temperatures up to 1200 °C as standard and up to 1400 °C with e-Beam heating.

Automated, cVac software, ensures accurate control, monitoring and automation of MBE and UHV systems.

The benefits

The software is created using IASOpen, which offers optimal performance and flexibility to control a large variety of devices.

Growth System

• Chamber Size 200CF – 600CF

• Substrate Size up to 6”

• Up to 14 evaporation ports available


• Chamber Size 200CF – 250CF

• Substrate Size small plates or wafers e.g. 10x10mm

• Up to 11 effusion sources with 2cm3 capacity

• Compatible with our LT-STM-AFM

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