Magnetron sputtering sources deposition systems.

The most advanced and easy to use magnetrons

Scanwel has exclusively partnered with Angstrom Sciences to provide their cutting edge magnetron source technology. Angstrom has continually developed magnetrons, and patented several technical advancements in magnetics, water-cooling, and circular magnetron target clamping designs.

The Angstrom Advantage™ has created the most advanced and easy-to-use magnetrons in the thin film industry. Low-impedance heads provide RF, DC, mid-frequency DC, pulsed DC, and microwave power compatibility.

The in-house design team are also fully equipped to apply this technology to a custom designed magnetron to suit your exact requirements.

Magnetron sputtering sources deposition systems.

The products

Circular Magnetrons – Versatile compact design, patented threaded targets and anode shield allow quick and easy target change without the need of tools. Standard target diameters from 1” – 16” inches

Linear Magnetrons – Incorporate the fully encapsulated patented profiled NdFeB rare earth magnets and turbulent water flow to provide unparalleled performance. Linear magnetrons are available with target widths from 1”-16” and lengths up to 185”

HiPIMS (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) Magnetrons - Precise control of the intensity of the magnetic field at the target surface is critical for the HIPIMS process for both the reduction of arcing and optimum ionisation of the sputtered material. Angstrom Sciences have developed a solution for both the circular and linear magnetrons that permit the magnetic field to be varied

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