magnetron refurbishment and upgrades

Magnetron Refurbishment/Magnet Upgrade

Scanwel's partner, Angstrom Sciences, has developed a method for retrofitting many OEM sources with the patented profiled magnet design, bringing the Angstrom Advantage™ to your process.

Using advanced modelling capabilities, we can engineer increased performance providing better target utilisation, increased uniformity, and less particulate contamination for all of, but not limited to, the manufacturers below:

• BOC Coating Technologies
• Cylindrical

magnetron refurbishment and upgrades

How we can help:

Scanwel provide spare parts, components and magnet packs for all Angstrom Sciences magnetrons.

We are also able to arrange full rebuild and repair services on all magnetrons.

If you have any requirements for additional parts or accessories or need to have your magnetron refurbished, please contact us to review your requirements.

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