A full range of Effusion Cells and Evaporators

Scanwel offers a full range of Effusion cells and Evaporators that are used in UHV evaporation systems, to generate ultrapure molecular and atomic beams from a large variety of materials.

We provide cells that are designed and developed in close collaboration with our customers for specific requirements. The standard range of Effusion Cells are compatible with MBE systems from global suppliers.

There are many types of evaporators and options available, such as integrated shutters and water-cooling systems, which make it possible to deposit almost every material.

The benefits

All effusion cells include a thermocouple for stable temperature control, with operating temperatures ranging from: -80 °C to 2400 °C.

• Power supplies to heat the effusion cells.
• Each power source is controlled by a precision PID controller.
• Load voltage, current and resistance shown on the built-in display.

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