Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensors

Quartz crystal monitoring systems are an electronic instrument which takes the frequency data from an Oscillator, through a coaxial cable to determine the film thickness or rate of deposition. These systems are a critical component of thin film deposition tools used in both R&D and production environments.

Repeatability of thin films is essential to get the required film properties in sectors such as Semiconductor, Optics, and Solar. The films are usually made up of several layers which are often only a few nanometres thick. Precise control of these multi-layers is essential for the coatings to function as required.


Scanwel offer custom-designed quartz crystal microbalance systems to monitor the thickness/rate during deposition. The sensor head is water cooled and the quartz crystals can be easily exchanged. The package includes everything required to connect the STM-2 thickness monitor to the sensor and a PC, simply connect the BNC cable (included) to the thickness monitor, then connect this to your PC using the mini-USB cable supplied with the kit, no external oscillator or power supply are required.

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