An Ultra-High Vacuum Chamber for Adaptix

Our client

Adaptix is transforming radiology by bringing to market an addressable Flat Panel X-ray Source (FPS) with a multitude of individually addressable emitters with integrated power supply (known as a ‘monoblock’) – essentially ‘digitizing’ the source to complete the digitization of the imaging system.

The patent-protected technology enables fast 3D imaging from a stationary source at a significantly lower dose than CT. The FPS is designed to allow 3D image formation by means of Digital Tomosynthesis using existing generations of Detectors and Workstations, allowing a system price point similar to that of current 2D systems.


As part of Adaptix development of their revolutionary new 3D X-ray imaging source, the company required assistance and advice on the design and construction of an ultra-high vacuum chamber.

Our solution

John Kokkalis, Regional Sales Manager, Scanwel was able to bring his industry experience and knowledge to the challenging project and helped to design and manufacture a new low profile 60kV feedthrough used to speed up the R&D process. Scanwel’s inhouse bespoke manufacturing was able to maintain the precision required for a successful implementation of the design.

Scanwel recommended a reduce pallet of materials on the construction of the monolith chamber. Different assembly techniques were identified and implemented, leading to improved vacuum and a substantial X-ray performance increase.

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“ We approached Scanwel to support us with this project as John Kokkalis and the wider team have extensive knowledge and were able to suggest improved manufacturing techniques for our final vacuum chamber design. This approach enabled us to significantly speed up the R&D process and we wouldn’t be as close to launching the new product without the support from Scanwel. ”

Steve Whitaker, Mechanical Engineer - Adaptix

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