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Improved processes with the investment in new machinery

Our parent company, Scanwel Group, leading provider of expert solutions in vacuum, surface and nanoscience technology, has recently invested in new machinery, as part of its ongoing growth strategy.

Scanwel Group has expertise in providing innovative solutions to their clients, to help them meet a huge range of complex requirements. Over the last two years, Scanwel has invested heavily in workshop capabilities at their headquarters in North Wales and our manufacturing facility in Rochester, Kent. Scanwel Group is perfectly positioned to provide highly accurate and cost-effective engineering solutions.

The new machinery recently purchased include an XYZ TC400 Turning Centre, a Mazak 410, a Nakamura-Tome CNC Lathe and a Mazak VTC-800/30 SLR, which will increase our capabilities, speed up processes and improve levels of accuracy. The Mazak VTC=800/30 SLR five-axis machine, can be pre-programmed and pre-tooled, which means that work does not need to stop, while the machine is set up for different angles.

Scanwel has been providing expert solutions in Vacuum, Surface and Nanoscience since 1974. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of components and systems, which are put to use in projects ranging from academia and government to labs and industry. Our products are used in the production and development of advanced materials and processes, across a number of fields – including nanotechnology, microelectronics, storage media, energy production and biomedical, and in basic materials research of metals, oxides, polymers and coatings.

As part of the Scanwel Group, Palatine Precision, has been delivering expert bellows solutions for over 50 years, and it manufactures and distributes an array of components and systems, serving a wide range of markets and applications, including Vacuum, Scientific, Research, Aerospace and Nuclear.

British manufacture

In addition to our bespoke products, our increased workshop capabilities means that we can now produce a lot more of our ‘off-the-shelf’ products inhouse too – ensuring you have an even wider range of high-quality, British-made products available direct from Scanwel Group.

Recent projects

We are immensely proud of some of the interesting, ground-breaking and prestigious projects we have been involved in recently, including our work for Aberystwyth University. The University is part of the international team working on the European Space Agency ExoMars mission – sending Rover. We’ve also had input into Adaptix’s ground-breaking project, which transformed radiology by bringing to market an addressable Flat Panel X-ray Source (FPS) – essentially ‘digitising’ the source to complete the digitisation of the imaging system.

For more information, please contact Katy Harrison, katy.harrison@scanwel.com

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