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Edge Welded Metal Bellows

What We Do

We are a UK based manufacturer of Edge Welded Bellows technologies. With over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience, we are the best option for your Ultra High Vacuum sealing requirements

How We Do It

Using hydraulic presses we stamp diaphragms from stainless steel strip & form them with a corrugation across the span of the stamping. These metal diaphragms are then welded on the inner and outer diameters. Welded together as a ‘stack’ / ‘element’ (and to almost any required length), these can be built to suit almost all operating requirements



Complemented by our own in-house machining resource we are able to manufacture custom built bellows assemblies to suit most application requirements. Ranging from simple endplate fittings (for butt-welding to your mating components), to non-standard weld fittings and flanges produced to your specifications.

Our bellows elements can also be constructed using industry standard Conflat flanges that use copper gaskets across the sealing face.

We will consider any quantity requirments. We can commit to your one off prototyping requirements or higher volume production levels as necessary.

All testing of our welded assemblies is carried out using a Pfeiffer Vacuum leak test machine. Using Helium as our search gas, the machine willl detect trace amounts of helium in the immedate area being tested and register the overall leak rate for the component which is recorded in mBar Litre/sec. Our target leak rate for UHV applicaitons is better than 1×10-9 mBar Litre/sec.

Markets Served

With a broad and established customer base we manufacture edge welded bellows for the aerospace, cryogenic, nuclear, pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

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